New CD, “Peace At Last”, Out Today!

My fourth full length CD, “Peace At Last” is out today! It contains eleven new songs (written and sung by me and produced by Soren Young) and much of my heart! It is available on CD Baby for purchase or download, and will be available on other music sites (including iTunes) in the upcoming days and weeks. Please give a listen, and if you purchase it, please leave a review! Enjoy!

“Peace At Last”, the fourth full-length CD release by singer-songwriter Jay Jacobson, finds him building warm pop grooves, expressive classical elements, and gorgeous harmonies, on top his personal brand of emotional trip-hop. 
From the defiant opening track, “Still Standing”, the gut wrenching heartbreak of “And Now”, and the inspiring chorus of the title track, “Peace At Last”, this CD’s eleven songs weave a stunning trail through the ups and downs of human existence. Jay’s soaring falsetto glides over melodious electronica, telling of how we are “So Small” in a world so large. The dance beats of “Overtaken” reminds us of that our “minds have taken over/taken over our lives”. The tracks masterfully look at the human experience, poetically summed up in the chorus of “This is Life”: “there’s the good and the bad/and the happy and sad/it all comes with the price of a life”. Included in this gorgeous collection of songs, is the bouncy piano driven bonus track, “Human Nature”, written specifically for his upcoming one-man-show, “Mental Creatures”, which mixes character driven stories with songs from Jay’s CD repertoire.
“Peace At Last” is a captivatingly striking beacon of of sound, soul, and heart, among Jay’s library of music.

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