The Vocals are Complete!

Today I finished recording the vocals for my upcoming CD! Recording my new music has been such an amazing experience. I’m seeing how each CD (this will be my third full-length CD), has a personality of its own. With this new one, I’ve really broken out of my “safe zone” – musically, lyrically, and vocally.

This CD started off differently from the very beginning. Before starting my last CD (“Ready”), I was very clear that I wanted to make a trip-hop CD. With this new one, I had only a feel for the direction I wanted to go in (and my producer totally “got it”), and we kind of felt our way along, dictated by the songs themselves. In the past (for about 80 percent of my songs), I would write the lyric first and then write the music. For this CD, I can’t really remember which came first! I think for almost all these songs (there will probably be 14 on the CD), I wrote the music and lyrics together – something very new for me. All the songs on this upcoming CD have very definite view points, and that dictated the music, and how I approached each song vocally. It was an exciting creative challenge. I loved recording every song! And of course it helps – big time – to have an amazing producer (like Barrett Yeretsian who also produced my last CD, “Ready”). This was an incredibly creative process, and it was really heavenly working out the details of each song.
So, we’ve still got some mixing to do, mastering, CD production, and if all goes as planned, I hope to release the CD this fall – in September or October! Stay tuned… I’ll try to get back on the blogging wagon.

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Great News!

This has been a great week! First of all, I shot a pilot for the Sci-Fi Channel. For those of you who don’t know what a pilot is – a pilot is a scripted and filmed first episode of a new, hopefully upcoming, TV Series. It is shown to networks in the hope that they will pick it up, make a full series from it, and air it on TV. The show I was in has a great script, and we had a great crew, so hopefully it will get picked up!! Keep you fingers crossed!
More great news: Barrett Yeretsian, the producer of my upcoming CD (as well as my last CD, “Ready”), is the co-writer and producer of the hit song, “Jar of Hearts” sung by Christina Perri! The song is a MAJOR HIT, and is in the top 20 songs on iTunes!! Check it out and buy it!!
Jar of Hearts
And finally, my newest CD is getting close to completion! I can proudly say that it is the boldest, most interesting work – both lyrically, musically and vocally – I’ve done to date!! Can’t wait to finish it and release it!!!
Stay tuned for more updates!!

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