Creative Juices and Unbelievable Nature

It has been a long time since I’ve written a blog – the longest since I’ve been blogging. I think it has been because I’ve been in such a heightened and focused creative state. All my energy, focus, and everything I’ve wanted to say has been put into my work. To update you, I have finished writing my one-man-show, and am now in the process of finding a director. It has taken me approximately two years to write this show. Never having written a show before, I can now understand and appreciate the process of writing. For me it was a lot of writing, digesting, then editing, reshaping and reworking, then more writing, digesting, reshaping, and so on. I didn’t realize, much like songwriting, how much discovery comes in the writing. I thought you had to have it all figured out before you wrote anything. Once I let go of that idea, the process was easier and much more productive. I am very happy with the show, and excited that it will feature many songs from my upcoming CD. Regarding my next CD, my hope is to release it sometime in September. I am in the process of recording the last two songs. This CD will be a stretch for me in many ways. I really have pushed the limits of my songwriting, my voice, and the music. Between my new CD and my show, I can honestly say that I’m in the most creative period I’ve ever had. I’m VERY excited about my new songs! They reflect my new discoveries about life, society, and the world around us.

Speaking of the world around us, I just returned from a short break in Costa Rica. This was the second time I visited that wonderful country. I stayed (for the second time) in the rainforest on the Osa Peninsula – which has been called the most biologically intense place in the world. This time I stayed in Drake Bay, and once again was overwhelmed by how much life there was surrounding me. It is jaw dropping how all that life works in harmony. Once again I walked away with a totally new perspective on life. Living in a “man’s world”, one isn’t privy to how amazing and intelligent life beyond humans is. Two stories (told to me by guides during my stay) stuck with me. I hope I get them right in retelling them…
The first is regarding the Mahogany Trees and the monkeys. One of the favorite foods of the monkeys are the seeds from the Mahogany Trees. Scientist have discovered that to protect themselves from the monkeys, the trees have created a chemical (or enzyme – I don’t remember what exactly) in their seeds that acts as birth control for monkeys! So the monkeys are only able to reproduce every 2 to 3 years instead of all the time, regulating the monkey population so they don’t eat all the seeds of the tree! And there is an island off the coast, Cano Island, which has Mahogany Trees but no monkeys. The trees on the island don’t produce that chemical, since there are no predators eating the seeds! Pretty amazing that a tree can create a chemical when needed to regulate the birth rate of a monkey! And stupid me — living in a city, thought trees just stood there and gave off oxygen and took in CO2. I didn’t realize they have consciousness. I guess if we all knew that, we’d treat trees with more respect than we do, and think twice about cutting them down. 
The second mind boggling story, deals with Orb Spiders and Wasps. An orb spider spends every day of its life spinning a web in the shape of a circle. That is what it does — all it does. However, it seems that wasps have some sort of brainwashing or mind control over the spiders. They find one of these spiders, and sting it. They don’t kill it, but briefly paralyze it, and lay their larvae on the spider. After the wasp leaves, the spider continues spinning its web each day, while the larvae slowly feed on the spider — not killing it. The day before the larvae hatch, the spider isn’t able to make its circular web. Instead, it spins a web in the shape of a blanket (something it has never ever made before), which is a perfect size for the larvae. They then kill the spider — eating it — and cocoon themselves in the web blanket which offers great protection from weather and other insects! Studies were done where the larvae were removed from the spider before they killed it, and in a few days, the spider was able to make its circular web once again. No one understands how the wasps manipulate the spider to such a degree. Crazy!
Both of these stories (and there are others) make me realize how we are not the great mastermind race we think we are. We are just another creature on this incredible planet — and we are too smart for our own good. It is very humbling and intimidating — and incredible — to be around life in such a profound way.

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