READY – Sold Out!!

Thanks to everyone who has purchased “Ready”!! I so appreciate the support, and hope you truly enjoy the music! The CD has already sold out at CD BABY, but for those of you on the waiting list and that haven’t ordered yet, there are more on the way!! They should be there any day now!!

Thanks also for all the emails and messages I’ve been getting regarding the new music and site. It means a lot!

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Its Here! READY is Ready!!

After a long wait, I am proud to present my latest CD, “Ready’! You can sample all the songs on my website, as well as sign up for my newsletter to receive up to date information on shows, new music, special offers, and promotions! You can also purchase CDs and downloads from CD Baby, and DigStation! “Ready” will also be available on iTunes and many other music sites in the weeks to come! 

This has been a work of love, and I’m so happy to finally put it out in the world! It contains 11 songs, all written and sung by me. All are brand new, except for “As We Rise”, which is a brand new version of a song never before released on CD. I look at this CD as a journey, both for the listener and for me as an artist. 
For the listener, the songs somewhat form a life journey – from childhood (“Boy”), through self doubt (“Going Blind”), to old age (“Lines On My Face”), and finally to self acceptance (“I’ve Arrived”). 
As an artist, my journey was similar. Starting from a place of not knowing anything (other than wanting to make a trip-hop flavored CD), I found myself with a new sense of openness. Many of the songs changed their form (lyrics and music) several times before production began. I wasn’t attached to any ideas or intended outcomes to any of the songs. I let them (the songs) dictate what direction they would take. They guided me, rather than my shaping them. It was a very exciting and new process for me. 
After an unanticipated wait (you can read more about that in my past blogs), I am THRILLED to release “Ready”! As I say in the CD’s liner notes, “i hope you enjoy taking this musical journey as much as I’ve enjoyed creating it!”
GIve a listen, and share it with friends!!
Thanks for all your support!!

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Quote by Vickie Noble

On the eve of the release of my new CD, “Ready”, – which should be released any day now, I can see the journey and process I went through creating it from the beginning until now. I wasn’t aware during the making of it, but for me, it was a course in being unattached to outcomes. As I stated in an earlier blog, I really went with the flow of the songs. I stood outside my mind and preconceived notions and choices, and “listened” to what the songs were telling me to do. It was a new and freeing way for me to work. And I am incredibly proud of this CD! I can’t wait to share it!! It will be released any day now. 

The process I went through reminds me of this quote by Vicki Noble:
“The art just wants to be made. It pushes through the vehicle (the person) into manifest form”.
– Vickie Noble

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