Back in the Recording Studio!

I can’t believe how slowly it is returning – but my voice is finally coming back! I was in the recording studio last friday (for the first time since December), recording some vocals for a song I wanted to make changes to. It went very well! And working on my music definitely makes me feel alive again! I am scheduled at the end of the month to finish the two remaining songs. If all goes as planned (I’m afraid of saying that at this point!), and my voice is one hundred percent back in shape (so that I can easily hit the high notes in one of the two remaining songs), my CD should be released some time in May!! The hardest part for me (other than losing my voice), is dealing with the frustration of waiting to release the songs. I am so excited about this CD and can’t wait to get it out into the world!! As I’ve said in the past, this CD represents a lot of joy, creativity and hard work – and I am very proud of the results. It is one of the highlights in my creative career to date. The CD is called (funny enough), “Ready”!

I will post the actual release date, once I know exactly when that will be. Again, a huge “thanks” to everyone who has sent me encouragement along the way during this frustrating and difficult period! Hopefully, you’ll feel the music has been worth the wait!

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2 thoughts on Back in the Recording Studio!

  1. Jay – wonderful album, congratulations! My 3 favorite songs are: If by Chance – wonderful! I love the beat and your voice is so clear and smooth here, A+. As we Rise – I love the blunt honesty of the song, reminds me a bit of early Tori Amos..uncompromising! Passionate and feels like truth.. Going Blind – the Indian (?) Sitar music is FANTASTIC and so INSPIRED!!! A+ very interesting Jay.

    My thoughts…yours, Ted

  2. Hi Ted! Thanks SO MUCH for your comments!! They really do mean a lot! I’m thrilled you like the songs!

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