Zen saying

In this journey of life it is easy to get lost and feel like we are not accomplishing or contributing anything to anyone. I found a great, inspirational saying to the contrary…

“No seed ever sees the flower.”

– Zen saying

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“Infinite Man” exposure

I’m working on ways to get “Infinite Man” (the CD) out in the public eye. The challenge I am facing currently, is that my CD is one of millions available on the web, and I (being an independet artist) don’t have an advertising buget, or the support of a record company in creating exposure. Touring is definitely in my near future (I am currently working with a great musician on creating an acoustic live show from the CD), and I am doing everything in my power to try to get some airplay on the radio. The CD might even be for sale in a few local Los Angeles nonmusic stores. However, no one in the music industry seems interested in an unknown artist until they are known. It takes a special person who believes in the music, to take a risk on an “unknown”. I do understand why it is difficult to get my CD into the ears of people who could take it to another level. They most likely get hundreds of CDs each week, many of which I’m sure are not great – so they are very particular about what they listen to. I believe in my music (as I’m sure every musician does!), and know if the right people heard it, it would get played. Thus, I keep moving forward, doing what I can. Just thought I’d share a little of the frustration I am feeling today, on this rainy Los Angeles day…

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Quote – Anais Nin says it better than I

A friend sent me this quote recently. It directly and concisely sums up what I’ve been trying to express about how life is always changing. I love this quote:

“Life is a process of becoming, a combination of
states we have to go through. Where people fail is that they wish to
elect a state and remain in it. This is a kind of death.” – Anais Nin

WOW! Brilliant!

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Would love comments & feedback

I’m getting closer to doing some live gigs (acoustic versions) in the very near future. Stay tuned on my website for details. And I’m still in the recording studio, with another new song (also with Manuel Iman), in
addition to finishing the two I mentioned in a recent blog. So far, all
is going well on that front!

My blog has become a mix of news of what I’m doing, thoughts on the world and my life, and an occasional inspiring (if only to me) quote. I didn’t plan it that way, but for now, it seems to work for me. I would LOVE some feedback on my blog, site and songs – so if you are reading this, PLEASE take a second and leave a comment or question. Thanks to all those who are sending me emails – it is great to hear from you!

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A Reflection and a New Beginning

Happy New Year everyone!

It is the beginning of a new year. A time when the slate is wiped clean, we can put the past year behind us, and start a new chapter in our lives. I am really looking forward to 2007! I think 2006, as difficult as it was for me, was a year in which I did a lot of work, and it has left me in a good starting place for the new year. It is a great time to remind myself of all the things I am grateful for (from my CD’s release, my film being shot, to being able to sing, having food on my table, being loved and loving others, and so on…), rather than focus on the things that are missing, or that I want to accomplish or obtain. I learned that when life gets really hard and awful, it is important to remember that it keeps moving ahead, and things can, and do, change. And if we can gather the strength, and the courage, we can empower ourselves and have a say in which direction our future goes. It may be easier said than done when you are staring your difficulties in the face, but it is possible!

A deep heartfelt “THANKS” to everyone out there who has supported me and listened to my music. And to everyone: may we all have a joyful, prosperious, creative and love filled 2007!

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